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Case Study of Paknsave Online

Paknsave Online is online store in New Zealand whose industry is very competitive and hard to conquer. The client was in the search for a new agency for his website search engine optimization and needed to develop a targeted strategy where they could drive more customers through the website. They wanted to increase brand awareness online and drive more revenue through the site.

They were only getting 100-150 monthly page views and visitor bounce rate too was very high (about 75%). At that point of time, Paknsave Online was penalized by Google's Unnatural Link Penalty due to their aggressive and irrelevant link building approach. For which traffic to their website had dipped sharply and so their revenue. The challenge before us was to first recover the website from Google Penalty and then to increase the revenue by reaching out to potential customers. After working with them closely for few months we have delivered the best possible result for their business which is simply outstanding said by the client.



Organic Traffic Growth


Keyword Ranking Growth


Increased in website sales


Reduced Bounce Rate

Keywords Position

Keywords Position
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Prepacked Fresh Foods5
Biscuits & crackers online3
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