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Case Study of Happyherbalist

The founder of Happyherbalist is a healthy kombucha since 1997. He has served as a consultant and advisor to several national, regional and local kombucha brewers, including many kombucha brewers online. He was professional trained and tested for competency in acupuncture and in the prescription of herbal medicine. Also he continues to practice homeopathy, herbs and alternative healing. As well as helping around the house and focused on the online business of various products through his website.

Happyherbalist approached SEO Unified Team for increasing their website traffic and sales volume through keyword optimization organically. The company should have optimized search engine visibility to gain more visitors and customers. The challenge for us was to boost the ranks of their traffic driven keywords with the respective internal/landing pages and promote the website to reach more targeted audience.

Our SEO professionals started with a detailed SEO audit at first to analyze the website visibility, speed, technical strength, indexed pages, and keyword rankings in the search engines. We started the optimized work and Reduced their search engine visibility by creating featured location based keywords using Google keyword planner. We then implemented the major business relevant keywords in Meta tags, image tags and website content to promote. To get better business integrity and local search rankings, we created quality back links through social bookmarking, forum postings, and directory submissions in business listings with name, address, working hours, and customer reviews that worked best and in return they got the best possible result in terms of keyword ranking and website traffic.



Organic Traffic Growth


Keyword Ranking Growth


Increased in website sales


Reduced Bounce Rate

Keywords Position

Keywords Position
Kombucha Bottling & Canning1
Kombucha symbiosis microbrewery1
Food grade plastic spigot5
Kombucha automatic labeling machine3
Kombucha Heating Mats7
Heating Mat with Digital Thermostat Controller5
Live Milk Kefir Grains5
Kombucha Mushroom Organic2
Kombucha Brewing kit with Dispenser1
Plastic Spigot Touchless Pour82
Organic Black and Green Tea6
Kombucha Starter kit Glass5
Kombucha Mushroom Extract1
Organic Blend Black Tea5
Kombucha automatic Labeler2